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Reading Vaclav Havel’s brilliant memoires: “To the castle and back”. Vaclav Havel tells about his writing the constitution: when no one else appeared ready to do it, I took on the job myself. It’s a testament to my nature, and it may help to explain why some people think I’m after power, and have an inflated sense of my own worth, and that I push myself into the forefront and so on: but I’m just someone who loves order and who often takes charge of a cause because he knows how important it is and can’t stand around and watch other people doing nothing about it. That’s how I’ve gotten involved in many matters in my life, perhaps most frequently in the early days of my presidency. Now I’m more settled and I let many things take their own course, even when I may think it’s a disastrous course, because I know that I can’t sort everything out myself.