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For her 10th birthday, I gave my daughter an iPod touch with speakers. I chose the Philips DS1100 Fidelio because it was cute: round shape, light colours, soft material and rich sound. She loved it and was so excited that it took her only a few minutes to unpack, set-up and start playing music, hugs and kisses included. It helped that the iPod was already configured and charged with some of her favourite songs. I left her in her room happily playing music.

Ten minutes later, I came back to see how she was getting on, and found a very different set-up. First of all, she was listening to the same songs but on YouTube. And to watch the videos was holding the docked iPod titled horizontally. Since, this has become her default way of using it. She has put together a little stand with books and things to keep it horizontal, and only rarely has it standing.

I thought this was an interesting observation and that with relatively minor modifications, like a tilting pivot solution, the docking station could support both portrait and landscape orientations. So, I wrote to Philips customer care. In response, I received a polite letter explaining that the dock speakers were designed for portrait orientation use only and that a cable was available and on sale to connect it to a TV and use it in landscape orientation. The letter mentioned also that the observation was going to be shared with Philips Design.

Last week, I got an invitation from Philips to write a review of the Philips DS1100 Fidelio, after several months of use, for the Philips site. I did some edits to the letter I had written to customer care, praising the design and quality of the product, but also pointing out the issue with lack of support for landscape orientation use. A few days later Philips informed me that my review had been rejected:

Thank you for taking the time to write a review on Philips Fidelio Docking speaker DS1100. Your opinion is very important to us and will help other consumers to choose the product that’s right for them.

Unfortunately your comments did not meet some of the guidelines we have to be posted on our site.

Please review the guidelines and resubmit your comment on Philips Fidelio Docking speaker DS1100.

The Philips Team

The link to the guidelines not working, I couldn’t work out where exactly my review had failed the screening.

In the past, I never trusted user reviews on corporate sites, and this experience definitely reinforces my prejudice.