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Tonight is French Presidential Election, first round, night. I got the early exit polls from AFP, then at 8 pm Le Monde ones, and was very keen to hear Nicolas Sarkozy’s statement, so I turned to TF1 😉 live streaming. And here I came across another example of incentivised, or more accurately, forced virality:

Five minutes, or 300 seconds, have gone by and I haven’t “got in on the action” yet. It seems that one can access the TF1 live streaming only after one has shared the link to FB, G+, Twitter. It’s actually the first time I use the service. Why on earth should I share it before even seeing what it’s about and how it looks. Anyway, in the meantime I learnt that the interview will be at 9 pm. I hope that, by then, I’ll be able to view TF1 live streaming without having shared it……………