This year I had about a day and a half to cover as much as possible of the Fuorisalone: 1258 design events, exhibitions and installations, spread across Milan, as shown in the map below.

Fuorisalone 2015, Map

Fuorisalone 2015, Map

Instead of taking lots of pictures, as I usually do, this time I collected cards and brochures from the experiences and products that I enjoyed the most. Paper artefacts provide a much richer stimulus for memory recall.

In Lambrate (North-East), I tried out the FES Watch I had read about.

Fes Watch 24 versions

Fes Watch 24 versions (source

The FES Watch feels like fabric: super thin and light. The watch face and strap are made of electronic paper that can display 24 different patterns. The watch face is blank, until the upwards movement to read the time activates the watch and displays the hour, as numbers, and the minutes, analogically as a segment like a traditional watch hand. The FES Watch looks and feels great, so much lighter than the slimmest of Swatches. Thanks to the extremely low power consumption of electronic paper, battery-life is very long. Yuki Sugiue, who was presenting ther FES, confirmed it will be on the market before the end of the year, but its price has not been fixed yet.

With its mono-function and ultra-minimalist design, the FES is the antithesis of the smartwatch.