Old&New Seoul by Young Doo M.Carey on Flickr

Old&New Seoul by Young Doo M.Carey on Flickr

I have just published my first article on Medium, a piece I had written a few months ago with my friend and colleague Daniel Gonzalez, at a time when we were helping a media and telco client to reenter the mobile market.

During the project, we realised how quickly the market was moving especially as people used wifi as their primary radio; and how difficult it had become for smartphone manufacturers to differentiate.

These considerations led me to speculate about whether we are entering another period of change and disruption – nothing new in the still young mobile industry really –  to the market dominated by the Apple/Samsung duopoly. Looking at the way the Chinese start-up xiaomi operates, I saw the emergence of a new collaborative way of managing products that involves customers in ideation and prioritisation, and developers in weekly release cycles. While ensuring open innovation and continuous product improvements, this mode of operation breaks the boundaries between customers and the brand and makes the relationship with the brand so much stronger.

For those interested, here is the link to The age of collaborative innovation.